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2023-2024 Board of Directors


Tammy Bale

Past President

Kim Langford

Vice President

Candice Van Diepen


Deryk Thuss


John Wintermeyer


Angie Mailhot


Mark Wescott


Tatjana Burcul

Executive Director

Terry Carroll

About the STEA

The St.Thomas Executives Association was founded in 1999 by three local business people. The common purpose is to serve one another's business interests by providing a non-profit association dedicated to fostering business-to-business networking among local and international members through membership in the International Executives Association

STEA business networking luncheon in St. Thomas, Ontario (March 2020)

STEA Members, January 2024

Our Goal

The goal of the STEA is to hold weekly meetings where our members can exchange leads and listen to a Craft Talk given by one of the members. The major focus for each meeting is the Craft Talk. Each member is scheduled on a rotating basis to prepare and deliver a twenty minute presentation about their company's business activities.

Our Membership

We continue to grow in membership, with some of the best companies in their classifications. So, why haven't you checked out the fastest growing leads group in Elgin County? Look at our list of membership benefits.

For more information on how to become a member, please contact us.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the STEA is to create an alliance of ethical, top-rated executives who can promote each other's business with confidence.

The STEA strives to stimulate business and professional development, not only in St. Thomas, but also in the expanding regional, national, and international economy.

The STEA does not solicit or raise funds for charitable causes and is not aligned with any religious order.

Presidents of the STEA

1999-2000Peter Inch
2000-2001Peter Inch
2001-2002John Scott
2002-2003Chris Hogan
2003-2004Rob Quai
2004-2005Richard Haddow
2005-2006Phil Bell
2006-2007Mandi Roach
2007-2008Russ Jackman
2008-2009Phil James
2009-2010Warren Silverthorn
2010-2011Steve Gilbert
2011-2012Dan Peterson
2012-2013Melanie McBain
2013-2014Cheryl Lester
2014-2015Hetty Teuber
2015-2016Kyle Holmes
2016-2017Bill Beamish
2017-2018Steve Gilbert
2018-2019Brian Wilson
2019-2020Peter Inch
2020-2021Vanessa Holmes-Bell
2021-2022Jamie Quai
2022-2023Kim Langford
2023-2024Tammy Bale

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